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Who we are

We are a company that arises with the need to serve the world market more quickly and directly from scale models, with a new and broad vision within the modeling field and with know-how in the creation and production of scale models, with great knowledge in the branch to decades having already made part of the society to one of the pioneering companies manufacturers of models in scale of resin. 

It is with great pleasure that we launched this business channel focused on offering a great service with quality products; and also to be able to offer it to all the places of the world, to be able to reach all the lovers of this hobby!

It's with great pleasure, We are the Modellig Store! Its Not Just Cars, And Love by Automobilism ...


Transparency, honesty with our clients and partners 

Fair Prices 

Global Accessibility Innovation, 

Quality and High Performance 

Ethics and Respect


Reach all the audience passionate about the hobby of scale models, we do not want to be just your virtual store, but your supplier of happiness with new models.