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1/20 Scale 1978 Arrows FA1 - Coming Soon Modelling Store Exclusive

1978 Arrows FA1

Arrows Grand Prix International was a British team based in Milton, Keynes, from 1978 until 2002. For a period of its history was also known as Footwork. In 1977, the team was founded by the Italian financier Franco Ambrosio, Alan Rees, Jackie Oliver, Dave Wass and Tony Southgate. At that time, Rees, Oliver, Wass and Southgate had recently left the Shadow Formula 1 team.

The name 'Arrows' was formed by the surnames of the founding members. Their first Formula One car, called FA1, was built in only 53 days. Southgate and Wass created an innovative design whitch featured in aluminum monocoque chassis. The suspension was comprised of in-board mounted springs in the front with a single top link and twin lower links in the rear. Power was from a Cosworth DFV V8 engine mated to a Hewland gearbox. The completed car was finished in Warsteiner colors.

In 1978, the swedish Gunnar Nisson signed a contract to became an official driver of the team. Unfortunately he was diagnosticated of testicular câncer and passed away. Due to his illness he never got the chance to guide the car that year.
Due this fact, the drivers were the Italian Riccardo Patrese and the German veteran Rolf Stommelen.

At the second round of the year, Patrese debut the FA1 in Brazil, where he finished at tenth place. Afterwards, the best finish for Patrese was a second place at the Swedish Grand Prix, sixth at Monaco and at The United States Grand Prix West.
While Patrese had success in the gold-colored Arrows, Stommelen struggled and only achieved a pair of ninth place finishes.

In the middle of 1978 the Arrows team was sued by Shadow for copyright infringement, claiming that Arrows FA1 was a carbon copy of the Shadow DN9. The High Court in London banned the team from racing with the FA1 model. After just 52 days, the team built a whole new car that was called A1.

Arrows FA1
Arrows Ford FA1 Stommelen 1978.jpg
Category Formula 1
Developer Tony Southgate, Dave Woss
Constructor Great Britain Arrows
Chassis Monocoque aluminum
Suspension (front) Upper rocker levers, lower - triangular, springs inside the case
Suspension (rear) Parallel lower levers, one upper lever and torsion bars, Koni shock absorbers
Engine Ford - Cosworth DFV 3.0L, 470 HP, V8 , atmospheric, mid-range
Transmission Hewland FGA 400, 5 gears + reverse, manual
Weight 593 kg
Fuel Petrofina, Valvoline
Tires Goodyear
Performance history
Teams Arrows racing team
Pilots Italy Riccardo Patrese
Germany Rolf Stommelen
Debut Brazil flag Brazil 1978
Race Victory Poles BC
ten 0 0 0
Unless otherwise indicated, all data are
Formula 1 Grand Prix only

Year Team Engine Tires N ° Pilots one 2 3 four five 6 7 eight 9 ten eleven 12 13 14 15 sixteen Glasses QC
1978 Arrows FA1 Ford cosworth
Flag of Argentina.svg
Flag of Brazil.svg
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Flag of the United States.svg
Flag of Monaco.svg
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11 [1] 9.
35 Италия Patrese ten Gathering 6 6 Gathering Gathering 2 eight Gathering 9
36 Германия Stommel 9 9 Gathering Gathering 14 14 15 NKV DSC

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